blackstar’s ascending


Vorrätig (kann nachgeliefert werden)



album only (no in-ear speakers included)

… out on 19 January 2018 …


vocals, piano, synths: alex sebastian
additional vocals on 3: maggie jane
electric guitars: harry lange
drums & percussion: jerry marotta
bass on 6,7: tony levin
bass on 1(8|10),(11),4(12) / warr solo on 4(12): trey gunn
bass on 2,5(13) / double bass on 10: markus wagner
12-string on 3(11),6 soprano sax on 3(11): udo meller
acoustic guitar on 7: ryan inglis
acoustic guitar on 10: manuel stübinger
frame drum on 10: stefan noelle

all songs written and produced by alex sebastian
arranged by alex sebastian & karsten laser

additional percussion arrangements by jerry marotta
additional guitar arrangements by harry lange

engineered and recorded by karsten laser at weltraumstudios munich, except:

drums/percussion recorded by matthew r. cullen at dreamland recording studios hurley, ny
piano on 6,7 recorded by karsten laser at maniac studios munich
bass/warr guitar on 1(8|10),3(11),4(12) recorded by trey gunn at seven directions seattle, wa
bass on 6,7 recorded by tony levin at papa bear kingston, ny
track 10 recorded live by karsten laser at maniac studios munich

mixed by karsten laser at weltraumstudios munich, except:

2,8 mixed by matthew r. cullen at matthew cullen sound, kingston, ny

mastered by yogi lang at diefarmstudios, freising

special thanks to …
michael veitch for friendship, proof-reading and language consulting.
… mani gruber and sebastian padotzke, maniac studios munich for hospitality and grand piano.
… jerry, tony and trey for everything you did.
… harry for truely endless studio days.
… my wife for love and patience.

* the whispering voices on why are you still here were recorded using binaural microphones to have them circle your head. Use headphones for best effect  experience.

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