is it gone? (single)

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is it gone?

alex sebastian

is it gone? (laser blade mix)

alex sebastian

is it gone? (instrumental)

is it gone? (video)

alex sebastian

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taken from the upcoming album blackstar’s ascending.


alex sebastian – piano, vocals
harry lange – guitars
markus wagner – bass
jerry marotta – drums

written and produced by alex sebastian
arranged by alex sebastian & karsten laser
additional guitar arrangements by harry lange

engineered and recorded by karsten laser at weltraumstudios munich
mixed by matthew r. cullen at matthew cullen sound, kingston, ny
drums recorded by matthew r. cullen at dreamland recording studios hurley, ny
track 2 mixed by karsten laser

mastered by yogi lang at diefarmstudios, freising

music video credits:

animation: dennis hauck
camera: herbert unterweger
storyboard: alex sebastian, dennis hauck

executive producer, postproduction, director: alex sebastian



Release: RAR58711

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