lost at sea

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lost at sea (Far Out And Afloat Mix)

alex sebastian

lost at sea (Is Nile Aboard? Mix)

alex sebastian

lost at sea (Bob Ross Edit)

alex sebastian

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vocals, bass: Alex Sebastian
additional vocals: JuMi
piano & keys: Oliver Hahn
guitars: Jörn Heilbut
drums & percussion: Jerry Marotta

lyrics by James Kellogg & Alex Sebastian
written and produced by Alex Sebastian
arranged by Alex Sebastian & Karsten Laser

additional percussion arrangements by Jerry Marotta
additional guitar arrangements by Jörn Heilbut

engineered and recorded by Karsten Laser at weltraumstudios, munich, except:

drums/percussion recorded by Ken Helmlinger at dreamland recording studios, hurley, ny
piano recorded by Oliver Hahn at pao studio, haag
guitars recorded by Jörn Heilbut at hafenklang, hamburg

mixed by Karsten Laser at weltraumstudios, munich

mastered by Ludwig Maier at gkg mastering, freising




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