two waggons

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I know we had a bad start
since you left to move
I became insecure, tried too hard
and I went through the roof

this is not the real me you see
I’m not the leeching kind
thought you were longing for my company
suddenly found myself to think you’re turning blind

I still want to believe
your train has not yet left the station
mine’s still standing there as well
with a promise to be patient
and it’s all on you to decide
it can become the way we both imagined 
more than a distant memory
of how we’d make it, you and me
within the same track we should be
two waggons joined to roll on rails together

I know we had a bad start
since you left to move
tell me he’s not your new jack of hearts
I would go through the roof
well is this the real you I see?
it feels hard to believe
you said you felt so close to me
how could you let go now?
I can not bear to see you leave

I still want believe …

slowly the steam clears
I see the empty track beside me

so it all appears, like 
you never wanted us to be 


© 2011 alex sebastian

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