strange lives

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come with me
and you will see
this paradise
starts right with me

on count of three
believe in me
the universe
revolves ‘round me

follow me
and you will see
there’s no way down
how could there be?

rise up with me
don’t be a fool
you’re lost indeed
don’t disagree

strange lives 
they’re livin’ 
strange lines 
they’re given
strange times 
they’re driven 
strange lives 

join us now 
and be a star 
we’ll push you up 
from where you are

if you allow
it’s all for you
we’ll push you up
there’ll be no doubt

the greed for fame
finds you bright-eyed
no smell of sweat
just play it right

come trust in me
for your own good
if you obey
you will fly freely

strange lives….

come on now step forward
leave your doubts behind
don’t wait any longer
for your opponents bite

just one little leap
and you‘re in the big game
we’ve got it here with us
your passport for fame

no need look too close now
everything is fine
we‘re taking good care
while you wine and dine

and behind our coughing fit
ceases our vow
we’ll rip you off before you bow

strange lives …

strange tools
they’re given strange
schools believed in
strange rules forgiven
strange fools

strange cars
they’ve driven
strange worlds
they live in
strange dreams
relive ‘em
strange freaks
you give in


© 2010 alex sebastian

taken from the album lives as they pass you by.
available on cd and download.
see www.alexsebastian.de

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