that crystal white of winter

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speeding down the hill they scream
can you see all their joy
rolling over on that bumpy track
is so much fun

printing rails into the ground
one by one, one by one
‘til exhaustion lets them fall to bed
what will become?

sinking in up to your knees
in the cold of the dark
the creaking sound beneath your feet
is all that breaks the silence

tiny steps are all you make
one by one, one by one
is that really gonna end some day?
what will become?

and once we’ve gone away
will they ever know? will they ever see?
and once we’ve gone away
will they ever smell? will they ever taste it?
and once we’ve gone away
will they ever see? will they ever know
just what it’s feeling like
that crystal white
that crystal white of winter?

staring down that empty hill
all they say, is it true?
did we finally reach that cold, rigid impasse
our greed has led us to?

will it ever be the same?
are we strong, are we strong
to turn around or is it
really gonna end some day soon?

and once …

will they ever see…?
will we ever learn…?
will they ever know…?

will they ever smell…?
will we ever act…?
will they ever feel…?


© 2006 alex sebastian

taken from the album lives as they pass you by.
available on cd and download. 
see www.alexsebastian.de

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